Merrick Cinemas V has installed almost 400 new seats across the auditoriums.  We have both VIP Luxury Recliners and wide non-reclining deluxe standard seating.  Auditoriums 1, 4 and 5 have both a combination of VIP Luxury Recliners and the non-reclining deluxe seats.  All luxury recliners have seat numbers and will be ASSIGNED seating whereas all non-recliners seats will be non reserved (but seats assigned at the theater to comply with covid guidelines).  Auditorium 3 has been fitted with our new comfortable deluxe non-reclining standard seating.


We hope that this new policy accommodates the movie goer who wants to buy assigned luxury recliners in advance and pick their seats, but also appeals to the customer who wants to simply buy a seat at box office on the day of the show.  It will be very clear at the time of purchase (online or at the theater) if you are purchasing a recliner or non-recliner seat.


The best part is the ticket prices are still more affordable compared to the larger theater chains.   See the pricing tab on the website for further details.